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Public Sub Save All Sheets As CSV() On Error Go To Heaven ' each sheet reference Dim Sheet As Worksheet ' path to output to Dim Output Path As String ' name of each csv Dim Output File As String Application.

Cells deleted will only be deleted from within range; but cells moved up includes cells from below range.

Description & " " & vb Cr Lf Go To Finally End Sub Sub asdf() Dim ws As Worksheet, new Wb As Workbook Application.

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Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Application. Screen Updating = True End Sub Remove content of cells with constants that look empty, but are not, David Mc Ritchie, 2003-07-23, worksheet.functions -- not deleting the cells which would cause cells to move up, but only remove the constants so that they are in fact EMPTY.

You can read it from start to finish as it is layed out in a logical order.

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Here is one that will give you a visual file chooser to pick the folder you want to save the files to and also lets you choose the CSV delimiter (I use pipes '|' because my fields contain commas and I don't want to deal with quotes): ' ---------------------- Directory Choosing Helper Functions ----------------------- ' Excel and VBA do not provide any convenient directory chooser or file chooser ' dialogs, but these functions will provide a reference to a system DLL ' with the necessary capabilities Private Type BROWSEINFO ' used by the function Get Folder Name h Owner As Long pidl Root As Long psz Display Name As String lpsz Title As String ul Flags As Long lpfn As Long l Param As Long i Image As Long End Type Private Declare Function SHGet Path From IDList Lib "shell32.dll" _ Alias "SHGet Path From IDList A" (By Val pidl As Long, By Val psz Path As String) As Long Private Declare Function SHBrowse For Folder Lib "shell32.dll" _ Alias "SHBrowse For Folder A" (lp Browse Info As BROWSEINFO) As Long Function Get Folder Name(Msg As String) As String ' returns the name of the folder selected by the user Dim b Info As BROWSEINFO, path As String, r As Long Dim X As Long, pos As Integer b Root = 0& ' Root folder = Desktop If Is Missing(Msg) Then b Title = "Select a folder." ' the dialog title Else b Title = Msg ' the dialog title End If b Flags = &H1 ' Type of directory to return X = SHBrowse For Folder(b Info) ' display the dialog ' Parse the result path = Space$(512) r = SHGet Path From IDList(By Val X, By Val path) If r Then pos = In Str(path, Chr$(0)) Get Folder Name = Left(path, pos - 1) Else Get Folder Name = "" End If End Function '---------------------- END Directory Chooser Helper Functions ---------------------- Public Sub Do The Export() Dim FName As Variant Dim Sep As String Dim ws Sheet As Worksheet Dim n File Num As Integer Dim csv Path As String Sep = Input Box("Enter a single delimiter character (e.g., comma or semi-colon)", _ "Export To Text File") 'csv Path = Input Box("Enter the full path to export CSV files to: ") csv Path = Get Folder Name("Choose the folder to export CSV files to:") If csv Path = "" Then Msg Box ("You didn't choose an export directory.

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