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Sexual activity for young people arrests their psychological, social and academic development.

Studies show that when young people engage in premarital sex, their academic performance declines and their social relationships with family and friends deteriorate.

Sex is a powerful force that can destroy if not used properly.

Like atomic power, sex is the most powerful creative force given to man.

If you date and you don't have sex, you can forget about that relationship when you stop dating.

It can be fun, terrible, exciting, hard — the adjectives used to describe it are endless.

But this guide was created to help you navigate your way through all those adjectives and shed the only light you’ll ever need on an otherwise confusing, strenuous experience.

If we follow these laws, we can create happy and prosperous lives.

If we don't follow them, we will pay a heavy price in divorce, disease, abortions, illegitimate children and loneliness.

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Numerous scientific studies show that the children of single mothers suffer psychologically and are less successful socially and academically than children from intact families.

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