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There are other numbers that look less than optimal, but remember, focus on one improvement at a time. is from June-August’s numbers that aren’t entered yet.

I’ve actually included a copy of the spreadsheets here if you want to download, along with a video explaining how to use it, I even set it up with three additional months so you can use it going forward) Click here to get the videos and spreadsheet A lot of dental consults say this number should be around 33%.

For this KPI we would dig down to: Example: By digging down and focusing on only a few KPI’s at a time, you are allowing yourself the time to go to a molecular level.

Once you get to this point, you should be able to see some pretty interesting trends in your production.

If we up /patient that would be an additional 6.20 a day in production or let’s say 5/day in production. Can Hygienist #2 really say “I can’t get to 5.31 patients a day! ” when you can easily show them that Hygienist #3 gets there.

(In this example, all the hygienists in question had similar experience levels and pulled from the same patient pool) Now we need to communicate with our employees what the goal is.

Do you need more help tracking your practice's performance?

Example of not making this a fancy problem (using Google Docs): You may already be doing this in your practice in some form, and if so, good for you.

The problem with a spreadsheet is it is not a visual representation, but again we are just looking for trends.

For example, the Hygiene Production to Total Production number is less than ideal.

(I’m assuming you got in business and took out these big dental practice loans to try and make money, right?

) Click here to receive a copy of the spreadsheet as well as a video guide to using it in your practice!

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What KPI’s are you keeping up with in your practice?

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