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If you and your friends want a filtered internet (with the list of domains provided by Interpol blocked) then it is already available – just sign up with Web Shield or use a software filter included with any modern OS and browser.

Why do you insist on dictating I also have a filtered internet? So more reason to take down rather than maintain a list. If the content is removed then no need for the costs of the list or costs of appeals.

Be's implementation appears to be rather more crude by converting these into IP addresses and blocking all access to those on their network This has the side effect of blocking access to potentially thousands of other legitimate websites which are not connected in any way with the illegal images, except by the fact they share the same physical server (a normal practice in website hosting environments).

Have a look at how many images a site that sells products have.

It is not uncommon for hackers to pick a "images" site to add some stuff, less likely to be noticed.

It is a waste of money to put that content, if it exists, onto a list, the content can be remove quicker and cheaper than that required for a list.

Thus a list is not needed and even Interpol's list will likely have no domains on it that are live with illegal material. Just because a domain has some bad pages on it (likely due to hacking), does not mean the domain (site) is not legit.

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Remember the iia/Interpol list is a list of domains (sites) NOT pages/URLs Does not make sense when talking on blocking/filtering domains.

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