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But this is another opportunity to show instead of tell.To showcase your strategic thinking skills, you need to use concrete terms. If you want to stand out, you’ll need to avoid buzzwords that recruiters have seen a thousand times before.Some words are used so often that they eventually lose all meaning for the reader.But the number of years you’ve been doing something doesn’t indicate whether you’re any good at it. Your Linked In profile will automatically show visitors how long you worked in a certain position when you add your dates.You could be terrible at social media or the worst programmer around. What percentage did you increase your company’s social media followers by? No one cares how long you’ve been doing a certain job unless you can demonstrate that you’re also getting solid results.Communicating your expertise and skills takes work. Over 9 out 10 employers use social media as part of their recruiting process.

If you’re using the word “strategic” you probably recognize that employers are most concerned about your ability to do the job.As you can see, your Linked In profile should primarily be about proving your worth (professionally).Instead of using wishy-washy terms that are standard across almost every profile, focus on real results.It’s often followed by other words such as: Consider whether any of the above actually give readers a good sense of your skills.There are probably multiple ways you could describe your role and tasks without using the word “organizational.” When recruiters read these terms, they’re more likely to roll their eyes than think, Wow this person shows organizational behavior, I should get in touch. Sure, you could have “extensive experience” in social media or web design.

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Since you have a “proven track record”, you can share some facts and figures to demonstrate this.

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