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Or, using your browser's search function, you can search the entire Dictionary.For example in internet Explorore use Control F and in Apple Command F.Abalone is a marine mollusk of the genus Haliotis with worldwide distribution.Species native to California coastal waters produce beautiful blue- and green-hued iridescent nacre.Contemporary abalone shell beads and pendants made in the Philippines also often feature inlay and mosaic work.The abalone produces pearls as well, usually small, in shades of blue to greenish yellow.From the drop-down menu, select Dictionary, then click Go.Entries that contain your word will appear grouped together.

Occasionally the beads are further embellished with spots, circles, or equatorial bands.

This Dictionary of Beads is a labor of love and a work in progress.

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This process leaves a thin deposit on their surface of tiny metallic particles, which break up light waves into the colors of the spectrum, much as water droplets refract sunlight to create a rainbow.

This iridescent play of light causes the underlying color of the beads to shift, sometimes considerably.

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Then girls reaching marriageable age are adorned with the familys finest beads to celebrate their puberty.

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